12:30-1:00 ish
Gym – likely playing volleyball (unless the net is down), they are able to organize themselves and can help you with any specific rules that we use.

1:00 ish – 1:40 some geography

I want them to compare their findings about Alvinston from yesterday to what they can find out about Brigden and Wyoming, what services and businesses do these places have.
Which community has more to offer in terms of services and businesses?
Why do you think so?

1:40-2:20 lunch recess

2:20 – 2:40 they have some French work to get caught up on…..
Grammar page from yesterday, they have to record themselves reading 5 of their answers, remind them to share their work with me in Google drive.
2:40 -3:30
New page where they have to brainstorm ideas for a persuading their parents to get them a cell phone. They can hand it in when done.

French Reading: Uber

They need to read aloud with at least three others

Complete the question page collaboratively but make sure they each have their own copy.

Here are some links to videos about Uber:

Uber Site

Uber explained

Clean Up! iPads away please

Uber page and cell phone persuasive page are for homework

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