Day Plan Dec. 16

Hey guys, I came down with the stomach flu, so make sure that you are washing your hands regularly.

9:20-10:40 prep/sysop

10:40 – ? Our first Christmas assembly

11:20:11:40 lunch duty, I switched with Mrs. Smith
11:40-1200 break

12:00-1:40 Math

We have been working with algebra and video games, fire more info check this out.

Please print 20 or so of this page. On it, students need to write the name of their game level, their name, and draw their three patterns.
Students should be testing, playing and finding patterns within other classmates’ levels
They need to use this recording page for their results. (print three each).

1:40-2:20 break

2:20-2:35 silent reading
2:35 -3:35 this is a new task, in groups of two or three, students are to create a 30-60 second commercial about something they found in our class, they are to sell us on the importance of three object (, expecting them to use humor and satire). If you speak French then the commercial should be in French also.
Here are a some examples of commercials to get them thinking.

Toilet Paper

Learn English

Mac vs. PC

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