#BellLetsTalk about the math!

Yesterday we helped to raise some money, not a lot, but every bit counts. We also participated in a global online event that helped to raise awareness. This is not the first time that we have participated in our small yet helpful way. Remember this….

What a first day of school! Congratulations on becoming certified ‘Slacktivists’.

This image was posted to Twitter late last night, but later I found this one


They have yet to release the final tally, but let’s go with this one for now.

Can we explore some of the math that is linked to this great event? If we explore some of the topics that we are now familiar with (percent, ratio, rate, proportional reasoning), can we highlight some of the success of yesterday.

I have a couple of suggestions to start:
1) You could calculate the rate of money raised or interactions per hour/minute/second.
2) You could find what percent of the total money raised was your favourite participating celebrity responsible for (check their original tweet and the subsequent retweets). For example, I quickly searched and calculated that Justin Bieber is responsible for 0% of the money raised…. Shame!
FYI: Unlike me, you need to find someone who actually contributed, sorry.

Half-Time Show ….. Math!

Let’s begin by watching a Halftime Show. Enjoy Bruno Mars from last year. Great show, how much fun is the band having?!

Now let’s look into some information and numbers behind this huge event:

Another link that contains some more information about how the cost of the event has changed over the years. Link

1. Can you find a better site that gives you details about the cost of the event? Share it at nkwiry

2. Based on the information that we have found, what do you think the cost of the Halftime show will be in the year 2025? How about in 2048? How can you support your predictions with math?

Allez au Restaurant

Nous allons étudier comment se comporter dedans une restaurante. J’espère qu’on peut s’amuser un peu.

1. Avec un(e) partenair(e), avec imovie ou voice record pro, creéz un scène qui montre comment faire une reservation.  Une personne sera le maitre d’ of chef de salle du restaurant, l’autre sera une personne qui veut une table au restaurant.  Faites un plan avant d’enregistrer ta scénario.  Qui jouera quel rôle?  Quels sont les questions que tu demanderas? Quels sont tes réponses?  Tu peux utiliser des accessoires (props) pour ameliorer ta scène aussi.