Math Test or Quiz or Assessment

Make sure to clearly record all of your data.  It is very important that you show all of your work.  It is equally important that you explain all of your thinking.  Once you are finished please take some time to review your thinking and calculations.

Your final task is to briefly describe how you prepared for this assessment.  

Déchets à Brooke Central

Ici à Brooke Central, je pense que nous avons un problème avec nos déchets.


  1. Quelles sont des objets typique jeter au poubelle?
  2. Qu’est ce que c’est la durée de vie de ses objets?
  3. De tous ces objets; quels objets ont une meilleure destination que la déchetterie?
  4. As-tu des solutions possible pour cet problème?

Monday Morning Math

Grade 8
That is one big cup of Coffee

Grade 7
Here is a similar task for you.


Your task is to determine the volume of this record chocolate bar.
This chocolate bar was made by the World’s Finest Chocolate Company in Chicago. It set a new Guinness World Record in 2011.

Things to consider:
What do you need to know about this chocolate bar to find the volume? How can you find out more information?

How will you express the volume of chocolate contained in this bar?

Make sure to show your thinking and work so that others can understand how you found your approximate volume.

Integer Review… Have you forgotten already?

Brrr…. Sure is cold outside. What is the difference between the temperature of our classroom and outside?

This site is a weather archive. You can use it to check today’s and previous day’s temperatures.

Suppose that the average classroom temperature has been 22 degrees Celsius for this week. Using the link provided, what is the sum of the difference between temps. for the past week? What is the mean difference for the week? How do you know?