Angle hunting

Let’s reintroduce ourselves to different angles by having a digital scavenger hunt.  Please read the following directives very carefully before you begin.

You will have 10 minutes to organize, plan and understand everything about this task.

Set a timer on your device for ten minutes.

1. You are looking to find and take a picture of the following things:

a) an acute angle b) an obtuse angle 

c) a right angle d) a perpendicular line 

e) a right triangle f) an acute triangle 

g) an obtuse triangle h) a straight angle 

i) a reflexive angle 

2) A few simple rules: you may explore the school, but be reasonable and accessible and non disruptive.  You cannot use items/things/pictures that represent these things already ( ie. You cannot take pictures of math manipulative or textbook pages).  

3) You may work with a partner.

4) 2 points each will be awarded for finding an element, 2 bonus points each for a unique element (meaning no other group found and used the right angle in a brick).

5) You are required to find a way to show that your choices are accurate (explain everything, skitch, showme).  You can Mark up your pictures.

You will have 30 minutes to complete this challenge, please set a timer on your device.


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