Graphic Novels – Add some Dialogue/Storyboarding

You have been busy writing your narratives, building characters and creating plots and settings.  Now it is time to start thinking about putting your work into a graphic/visual format.

To do this you will need to pick out the most important parts of your story and plan how to retell this with images/narration and dialogue.

Presentation with student examples


When creating your covers pay attention to the finer details.

What must you include??

Title – Author – illustrator – imagery – extras

Extras??? Check out some examples in the class or below: What can you add?

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I am going to post some resources for you to look into:

Example of a planned Graphic Novel Page

Planning your novel

Parts of a Comic – Important to understand

This is a youtube playlist, Video 9 – Ten tips for storytelling might be your best bet.


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