Walking Geometry

Watch this:


Questions you have?


Your Task:

Test the Question – Is it faster/quicker/shorter to cut through the Learning Commons than to go around the proper way?

  1. Record a video hypothesis.
  2. Design a method to test your hypothesis (You cannot use any standard forms of measurement).
  3. Record a video conclusion to reflect on your hypothesis, were you correct?

Next Task:

  1. Reflect and discuss some of the variables that may have caused inaccuracies in your test.
  2. How can you design an improved experiment that will eliminate the as many variables as possible?
  3. Design a new test.
  4. Complete your test and record your information.

What do you need for this new experiment?

Final task:  Bring all your media together into one file (slideshow, iMovie etc…)

Success Criteria:

Are all of the elements (pics/clips) necessary?  Is the purpose clear for including each clip/pic ?

Have you used titles/narration to clearly explain your ideas and thinking?

Did you create any music for a video?  (You are not allowed to use stock music anymore, you must create your own!)

Did you use multiple applications to bring your media together? I see iMovie, shadow puppet, google slides, camera roll etc…

Did you answer the question?





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