We are going to start a new habit, one reading response per week.  I will continue to add interesting articles to this flip board magazine.  Your job will be to read at least one article a week and write a two paragraph response to what you read.  

You should give a brief summary of your article and then use the sentence starters to add your thoughts.

  1. Open a Google doc
  2. Share it with me
  3. Title it: your name RRJ
  4. Title and date your response
  5. Continue to use the same doc each week.

Here are some sentence starters for you to use. 


Writing prompt

Here is an assignment that Mr. Harvey would like us to complete as part of education week in early May. Here is the prompt:

How does technology affect your learning at Brooke Central?

Here is a planning framework to help you organize your thinking.

5 paragraphs minimum please.  Your thesis should be the big idea that you would like to get across and your three body paragraphs need to connect to the big idea.  This is your opinion but you can certainly support your ideas with some research.

Roll up the Rim!

We are going to explore the probabilities related to the current Roll up the Rim campaign from Tim Horton’s.

Odds of Winning

First, share some of your thoughts.

1. Do you or your family participate in Roll up the Rim? If yes, how often?

2. From your perspective, how often do people win? What do they usually win? Do you or your family win or lose more often?

3. Can you research to odds of winning in this year’s contest? What are the prizes?

4. From your perspective, do you think more people buy from Tim’s during these campaigns?


January 9th Toboganning Bans?

1. Discuss with a friend some of your memories of tobogganing. Do you enjoy this activity? Why or why not? Do you think this is a dangerous activity?

2. Take 5 minutes to write some of your thoughts down, either in your workbook or in a drive file.

3. Watch this video clip.

4. Listen to (some) the following radio broadcast:
CBC radio

5. Research some more information on this ban. Where are these bans happening? What are some of the penalties?

6. What do you think? Write at least three paragraphs explaining where you stand on this issue.

7. How would you persuade our community to put this ban in place or stop them from putting it into place.