Solving equations – #hfi78

A quick review video if you are having difficulties.

Practice, Practice, Practice…..

SolveMe Mobiles – Great for practicing the idea of balancing an equation.

Algebra Touch App – Great app to practice solving algebraic expression and equations. Combine Like terms, simplify, eliminate, factoring are all reinforced – $3.99 though!

Our Class solve me board:


Bell Let’s Talk Math:

Each Social media interaction with #bellletstalk generates a 5 cent donation from Bell.

Can you create an algebraic expression for anyone’s Tweet and their retweets?

What would happen if they made a $500 donation along with their tweet?

Here is an example:


Could you write an algebraic expression for Prime Minister Trudeau’s tweet?

How much money would this tweet generate? Use your expression to solve.

Can you find another example for solve?

How about this tweet? What might be the expression here?

How much will Em have to donate? How much will she raise in total?

This is a nice little play on words. How much $$ did it raise?

How about this one?


How many Minutes??

A short inquiry investigation today.  We are continuing to use our number sense skills to find answers to real life questions.


How many DAYS / HOUR / MINUTES / SECONDS will you spend at school this year?

How do you know you calculated correctly?  Show your steps and explanations.

How much time will you spend working on your favourite or least favourite school subject?

What do you need to know from me?

LKDSB (helpful link for calendar purposes).

Too Easy??

What percent of the school year will you spend working on your favourite subject?  You could include lunch or recess on this one.

What percent of this year (Sept. 1 2016 to Aug. 31 2017) will you spend at school??

Thanks to Mr. Cameron’s Class for the idea today:

We could compare our numbers.  What might cause some differences?  Why do we have such discrepancies in our own calculations??


Here are some of our solutions from today:




Our thinking is posted on the Padlet below:

Coding a Simulation

Let’s explore some more ideas about probability….

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 10.36.28 AM.png

Can we test this law using some coding?

ummmm….. probably?

Head on over to Scratch or Snap (if you want use your iPad)

You are going to try and design a coin flipper…. here are some helpful images.Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 10.36.49 AM

You will need to design some costumes to allow your coin to change from heads to tails.

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 10.37.08 AM

Let’s get started and see where we end up.

We will be exploring the idea that experimental probability will eventually meet the theoretical probability.

Here is the code for a turbo flip option:

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 12.34.55 PM

YouTube tutorial by a fellow LKDSB teacher: Mr. Aspinall

Walking Geometry

Watch this:


Questions you have?


Your Task:

Test the Question – Is it faster/quicker/shorter to cut through the Learning Commons than to go around the proper way?

  1. Record a video hypothesis.
  2. Design a method to test your hypothesis (You cannot use any standard forms of measurement).
  3. Record a video conclusion to reflect on your hypothesis, were you correct?

Next Task:

  1. Reflect and discuss some of the variables that may have caused inaccuracies in your test.
  2. How can you design an improved experiment that will eliminate the as many variables as possible?
  3. Design a new test.
  4. Complete your test and record your information.

What do you need for this new experiment?

Final task:  Bring all your media together into one file (slideshow, iMovie etc…)

Success Criteria:

Are all of the elements (pics/clips) necessary?  Is the purpose clear for including each clip/pic ?

Have you used titles/narration to clearly explain your ideas and thinking?

Did you create any music for a video?  (You are not allowed to use stock music anymore, you must create your own!)

Did you use multiple applications to bring your media together? I see iMovie, shadow puppet, google slides, camera roll etc…

Did you answer the question?





Vex Maze Runner Challenge

A Vex Robotics Challenge:

Navigate the Vex Field by coding your Robot.

  1. Your BB Bot must start on the Green mark in the middle (ish) of the field.
  2. Translate your BB Bot to three of the four outer green marks.
  3. Return to the starting position.

The winner will complete this course in the shortest amount of time.

You have 3 minutes to look at/take a picture/take a measurement of the field.  You will then return to class with your partner and plan the fastest route.  Discussion and debate is important.  How can you justify and explain which route will be the fastest?

You will be successful if:

  • you discuss and collaborate with your partner using clear math vocabulary (specific measures, angles, rotate, reverse etc.).
  • Problem Solve
  • Persevere
  • Communicate solutions
  • Have Fun!

(Fail) + (Try Again) = First Attempt in Real Learning