No Coffee Mo Problems!

Mr. Hewett has been without coffee for 5 days!!!!

It is of course for a good cause:

Our Class Blog:

Let’s track how much Mr. Hewett has already saved for the Water Project.

Here are some details to help you out.  Max and I wake up early (5ish), I usually enjoy a cup of coffee while Max enjoys an episode of Curious George (I also enjoy Curious George). I drink one Tassimo Disc worth of coffee at home, purchased from the Sobey’s in Grand Bend (usually).

Processed with Moldiv
Processed with Moldiv

Once I arrive at school I will typically drink one to two more cups of coffee and on the weekends I generally have one or two medium coffees from Tim Hortons.

How much coffee savings can you calculate for the week?  How much money should Mr. Hewett donate at the end of the Water Challenge?

Do you need any more information? Just ask.

Marshmallow Math

Proportional reasoning at its most delicious!

  How can you solve this problem? What tools do you need?

Here is an early attempt.


Is Density a factor?

Lots of great questions and interesting methods.

Angle hunting

Let’s reintroduce ourselves to different angles by having a digital scavenger hunt.  Please read the following directives very carefully before you begin.

You will have 10 minutes to organize, plan and understand everything about this task.

Set a timer on your device for ten minutes.

1. You are looking to find and take a picture of the following things:

a) an acute angle b) an obtuse angle 

c) a right angle d) a perpendicular line 

e) a right triangle f) an acute triangle 

g) an obtuse triangle h) a straight angle 

i) a reflexive angle 

2) A few simple rules: you may explore the school, but be reasonable and accessible and non disruptive.  You cannot use items/things/pictures that represent these things already ( ie. You cannot take pictures of math manipulative or textbook pages).  

3) You may work with a partner.

4) 2 points each will be awarded for finding an element, 2 bonus points each for a unique element (meaning no other group found and used the right angle in a brick).

5) You are required to find a way to show that your choices are accurate (explain everything, skitch, showme).  You can Mark up your pictures.

You will have 30 minutes to complete this challenge, please set a timer on your device.


Mock NHL draft lottery

Here is an idea, can you create a mock draft lottery for the NHL entry draft?

The odds are posted here: 2015 Draft Odds

Are there any other rules that you need to know?

What does the NHL do to hold this lottery? How do they actually draw? What do they draw (materials)?

What will you use to hold a mock lottery? Could you use a computer programming tool? (like Scratch)?

How do you know that your odds and materials are accurate?  Where is your math?? And who is that guy???

More Fractions!

I have been mining the twitterverse looking for helpful images/tricks of fractions.  Hopefully some will get you thinking or help you better understand a concept.  Check them out.

trick for adding/subtracting

Can you solve the following Lego problems?

use the legend above to help solve


1.Think of your favourite food

2. Find a recipe (with at least 3-5 fractions in it) and take a screenshot.

3. Copy into explain everything.

4. Suppose you had to triple the recipe, what would the new quantities be for each ingredient?

5. What if you had to divide the recipe in half?

6. Try your best to show your thinking, remember that you can always add an oral explanation to enhance your communication.


Mixed and Improper Fractions practice (may not work with ipads)

Dividing Fractions:

Multiplying Fractions is rather easy to do…. but you will need to be comfortable with reducing your answers.

Final Task!

Create a 20 second stop-motion video demonstrating your understanding of one of the fractional concepts that we have covered in the last week.

Feel free to use; Legos, Pattern Blocks, Food or something else.  Be creative and have fun while you learn, after all that’s the point.