I found a creature in my basement! Don’t worry it is harmless… I think.  But I am having trouble describing it.

Here it is:

File_000How would you describe this thing?  Think about what you see and write 6 descriptive words.

I kept investigating though and found something interesting, Watch.

Now, can you write a descriptive paragraph telling us what you see.  Try and think of your five senses to enhance the the descriptive value of your paragraph.

Last task:

We are going to use GarageBand to give this video a soundtrack.  Let’s have a brief tutorial with the app first….



Chasse au Trèsor

En français! Nous allons participer en une Chasse au Trèsor au Terrain de Brooke Central. En utilisant la camera sur votre iPad tu dois chercher:

  1. Un animal
  2. une insecte
  3. 3 types d’arbres différents
  4. Quelque chose rouge
  5. Quelque chose vert
  6. Quelque chose bleu
  7. Quelque chose Orange
  8. Un carré
  9. Un triangle
  10. un rectangle
  11. Un cercle
  12. une véhicule
  13. Quelque chose haut
  14. Quelque chose petit
  15. quelque chose mouillé

Vous avez 20 minutes pour cherchez ces images.  Tu recevras 2 pointes pour chaque image mais 4 pointes pour une image unique pour la classe.

Bonne Chance!





Coding Geometric Shapes

Lots of things to try today/tomorrow:

You can continue to code with modkit, but if you are simply trying to show a shape you can also use Scratch (not ipad friendly) or try Snap! (iPad Friendly Woot Woot!)

  1. Guess the shape? Code the shape for your Robot. Record your work.

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 10.17.18 PM

2. Guess the Shape? Code the shape for your Robot. Record your work.

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 10.21.18 PM

3. Code your own shape and challenge someone else to Visualize/Verbalize and Verify it. Record your results.

4. Code a pentamino (tricky) and try to create a pattern design. Record your results.

5. Create a tessellation (Good luck to you!) Pen down on Scratch/Snap will be very helpful here.

6. Visit this Scratch page and see if you can use it to help you tile a plane with a tessellation.  Scratch Tesselation

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 10.05.52 AM

SuperBowl Predictions

3256437306 (1)

Having trouble making a prediction this year?  Unsure of who is even playing??  Does that guacamole taste funny to you?!?

Help is here.  Through a helpful #pln I have collected some data for you to make an informed prediction for this weekend’s big game.  Once you have completed this task you can call yourself an official prognosticator!

View the Google Sheets of random predictions.


Link to Data

  1. View the Data
  2. Make 2 observations
  3. Decide on a winning team
  4. Choose a final score
  5. What was the biggest factor for your prediction?
  6. What was a non-factor for your final prediction?
  7. Name some other factors that affected your prediction (outside of the data given).

Complete the Google Form 

Enjoy the Game and best of luck (there is a prize for the most accurate prognosticator 😉 )

—-Not a member of the great #hfi78? Feel free to pit your wits against ours—-