Geometric Tetris

We are going to demonstrate our geometric learning by creating a game using Scratch.

Tetris – an excellent geometry based game. Can you identify when translations, rotations and reflections happen in this game?

We are going to try a create a game that demonstrates your understanding of some of the geometric principles that we have been learning.


You must create a game that involves: Translations, Rotations and Reflections.


Solving equations – #hfi78

A quick review video if you are having difficulties.

Practice, Practice, Practice…..

SolveMe Mobiles – Great for practicing the idea of balancing an equation.

Algebra Touch App – Great app to practice solving algebraic expression and equations. Combine Like terms, simplify, eliminate, factoring are all reinforced – $3.99 though!

Our Class solve me board:


Bell Let’s Talk Math:

Each Social media interaction with #bellletstalk generates a 5 cent donation from Bell.

Can you create an algebraic expression for anyone’s Tweet and their retweets?

What would happen if they made a $500 donation along with their tweet?

Here is an example:


Could you write an algebraic expression for Prime Minister Trudeau’s tweet?

How much money would this tweet generate? Use your expression to solve.

Can you find another example for solve?

How about this tweet? What might be the expression here?

How much will Em have to donate? How much will she raise in total?

This is a nice little play on words. How much $$ did it raise?

How about this one?


How many Minutes??

A short inquiry investigation today.  We are continuing to use our number sense skills to find answers to real life questions.


How many DAYS / HOUR / MINUTES / SECONDS will you spend at school this year?

How do you know you calculated correctly?  Show your steps and explanations.

How much time will you spend working on your favourite or least favourite school subject?

What do you need to know from me?

LKDSB (helpful link for calendar purposes).

Too Easy??

What percent of the school year will you spend working on your favourite subject?  You could include lunch or recess on this one.

What percent of this year (Sept. 1 2016 to Aug. 31 2017) will you spend at school??

Thanks to Mr. Cameron’s Class for the idea today:

We could compare our numbers.  What might cause some differences?  Why do we have such discrepancies in our own calculations??


Here are some of our solutions from today:




Our thinking is posted on the Padlet below:

No Coffee Mo Problems!

Mr. Hewett has been without coffee for 5 days!!!!

It is of course for a good cause:

Our Class Blog:

Let’s track how much Mr. Hewett has already saved for the Water Project.

Here are some details to help you out.  Max and I wake up early (5ish), I usually enjoy a cup of coffee while Max enjoys an episode of Curious George (I also enjoy Curious George). I drink one Tassimo Disc worth of coffee at home, purchased from the Sobey’s in Grand Bend (usually).

Processed with Moldiv
Processed with Moldiv

Once I arrive at school I will typically drink one to two more cups of coffee and on the weekends I generally have one or two medium coffees from Tim Hortons.

How much coffee savings can you calculate for the week?  How much money should Mr. Hewett donate at the end of the Water Challenge?

Do you need any more information? Just ask.

Marshmallow Math

Proportional reasoning at its most delicious!

  How can you solve this problem? What tools do you need?

Here is an early attempt.


Is Density a factor?

Lots of great questions and interesting methods.